Champions of all, FC Barcelona.

A brilliant win for Barcelona. They don’t get the glory of scoring, but Puyol and Sylvinho are the men of the match from my perspective. Puyol was completely relentless on his side of the field, and Sylvinho kept everything calm in the middle of the field.

The real shock is that Man U was never able to recover from the early goal from Eto’o. The Red Devils were flattened by it, and never truly woke up. It’s as if they expected one of Ronaldo’s early strikes to go in, and when they didn’t, they didn’t know what else to do. Barca ultimately takes this one with pressure to the end.

Most satisfying, though, is that this match is everything the Champions League was supposed to produce–a showdown between the two best players on the two best teams in the two top leagues in the world. The English Premier League may have had three of the semifinalists, but those matches produced the sort of final any fan would relish.

Finally ;
Sir Alex coughs and splutters through his post-match interview but manages to force out an admission: "In fairness, we were beaten by the better team tonight." Quite right too.

4 months later..

Hi ya'all ..late update as you can see. 4 friggin' months! Sorry allotments wasn't there for me since I've been really weally busy with college( uhmm "uni" now eh), weddings, birthdays and farewells. Been cruising down Penang often to spend time with my better-half =D and my fellow Penangites -Penang=very relaxing!-

Not to forget, I did go on a hike with the boys up to Gunung Angsi somewhere in march..was it ? Pictures will be up soon. *fingers-crossed* (yeah soon is just not so soon for me now is it..hehe), "Drives" was very frequently planned as well but I manage to clutch on a couple of trips last month, comparatively a few weekends been having mamak sessions with the blokes.

Its saturday afternoon alas im not down in Malacca yet nevertheless im leaving for Malacca tmrw morning and more or less be back in K.L by midnight, another road trip as you can be apprised of.

Logged on the Daily mail and oh my! wasn't I so surprised to read this two articles. Dig yourself in ;

I was attracted to him, so I enjoyed it': Teen who auctioned off her virginity for £8,800 reveals details of her first time

'I'm quite odd. I do get very dark moods': Simon Cowell's most revealing - and surprising - interview ever

Downloads? Here you go, a first hand copy of the High Resolution DVD copy of the kick-ass movie X-Men.. check in tonight and the upload should be done. Be warn,its 1.36GB. Cheers !

Release Date..: 22/05/09
Source........: High-Res DVD
Retail Date...: xx/xx/xx
Genre.........: Sci-Fi
Audio Bitrate.: 128 kbps
Audio Codec...: MP3
Video Bitrate.: 1755 kbps
Video Codec...: XviD
Runtime.......: 01:42:59
Resolution....: 720x304
Language......: English
Subtitles.....: None

Status........: Uploading ... 35 % complete.

Conclusively, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Dennis, Anildev Singh & Ru Yuan. Have a wonderful year ahead mates. To the 19-y.o, wrinkles coming your way ! watch out..lmao.